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Intentional Cold Exposure Academy

Our mission is to create good instructors that can guide people in a mindful & safe way with different forms of cold exposure.

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What is Intentional Cold Exposure (ICE)
Intentional Cold Exposure is a mindful way of using cold exposure for connection and growth. Cold exposure has many different aspects. It can be practiced for physical or mental health, as a challenge, to improve recovery, as meditation, as group ritual, a tool for self-development and a way to connect to Nature.

Depending on the person and intention the specific practice might be very different. For example long ice baths can be a great challenge, but are not necessary if you want to do ice baths for improving your general health.

The ICE approach is about understanding the science, practice, and safety of cold exposure and learning principles that can be applied to find one's own way with the cold. ICE is not a rigid method but a varied and dynamic practice that can be continually adapted to one's own intentions and needs.

What is the intentional cold exposure Instructor training?

Our mission is to create good instructors that can guide people in a mindful & safe way with different forms of cold exposure.​


The program consists of 2 modules. In the first module ((4 days in August), you learn the all the essentials of guiding beginners in an icebath. After that there is a practice phase unitl the second modul. In the second modul (5 days in december), you will deepen your teacher skills and be evaluated.

We will have a maximum of 15 participants.


Who is the ICE Academy intended for? The ICE training is for any cold enthusiast who wants to teach others about cold exposure in a safe and mindful way. For example, fitness trainers, physiotherapists, doctors, wilderness educators, psychologists, yoga instructors, alternative practitioners, and survival trainers.

A prerequisite is at least one winter of experience with ice baths and the ability to relax in the cold.

Prior work with people is not required; you will receive the necessary knowledge and practical coaching experience in our training to safely and mindfully guide people into the cold. A start-up, business, or marketing consultancy is not part of the ICE training.

Program 2024

Modul 1: 22-25th of August (4 days)

The goal of the first module is to equip participants with all the tools they need to safely guide people into ice baths. The focus is on learning how to safely accompany beginners. The main topics are theory, safety, and coaching practice.

Some of the subjects:

  • Science of Cold Exposure (what happens in the body, health benefits, how to explain the science, and more)

  • Contraindications, side effects, and safety

  • Different relaxation methods

  • Lots of coaching practice

  • Principles for guiding people (before, during, and after an ice bath)

  • Experience with many different ways to take an ice bath

Practice Phase: September - December

Until the next module, trainees are expected to practice with guiding people in ice baths and cold baths in nature. 

At the same time, they continue their own cold exposure practice and become profifiient in understanding and explaining the theory.


Modul 2: 4th-8th of December (5 days)

In this module trainees will be evaluated on their skills (knowledge of science and safety, ability to guide people, etc.). At the same time skills will be further improved and we go into other aspects of cold exposure (meditation, hiking, cold challenges and rituals)


Some of the subjects:

  •  Evaluation of teaching and coaching skills and knowledge

  •  Guiding people into challenging ice baths

  • Different forms of cold exposure: Meditation and hikes in minimal clothing

  • Cold exposure as ritual and way to connect to nature

Your Teachers

About your teachers

Douwe van den Berg discovered his love for cold water in 2010 in China when only cold water was available during his months-long Kungfu training. He loved the challenge and the invigorating feeling after cold exposure. Soon, he began taking people along wherever he found cold water, from the beaches of the Netherlands to the Arctic regions of Finland. By now, he has guided thousands of people from many different countries.

Through his love for cold water, Douwe also came into contact with the "Iceman" Wim Hof in 2012 and became one of the first Wim Hof Method instructors in 2015. Douwe accompanied Wim Hof on many adventures and trained over 500 new trainers for the Wim Hof Method between 2017 and 2023. Out of a desire to share his own ideas on cold exposure, he founded the Intentional Cold Exposure Academy in 2024 together with Josephine.

Dr. Josephine Worseck
In 2016, Josephine supervised a study on the Wim Hof Method, where she was encouraged by Wim Hof himself to take her first ice bath. The transformative power of the cold deeply impressed Josephine, leading her to leave the academic world in 2017 to fully dedicate herself to the practical application and teaching of cold exposure.

Her book "The Healing Power of the Cold" (2020) is the result of her new passion and extensive knowledge in this field. As an experienced author, speaker, and cold expert, Josephine supports individuals, associations, and companies in harnessing the healing effects of the cold.

A Family Project 
Douwe and Josephine met through their shared passion for the cold. Since 2017, they have been working and living together and have a son. Through guiding thousands of people at national and international events and the increasing media hype around the cold, the need arose to create a German-language training program with high safety and quality standards. The ICE Academy aims to provide more safety, knowledge, and mindfulness in dealing with the cold through well-trained instructors and to promote the joy of exploring and experiencing this fascinating element.

Practical information:


Retreat Center Rosenwaldhof
(about 80 km from Berlin and 25 km From Potsdam and Brandenburg)
Adress: Bergstraße 2, 14550 Groß Kreutz

Food & Accomodation

Normal accomodation is in double rooms. On request,there are possibilities for camping or single room.

We will be provided with delicious biological meals (vegetarian or vegan)

Time and Dates:

Modul 1:
22-08-2014 (arrival 14:00) - 25-08-2024 (departure 14:00)

Modul 2: 
4-12-2014 (arrival 14:00) - 8-12-2024 (departure 14:00)

Price: €2500

- Including Modul1 & Modul 2

- Including food & accomodation

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