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Wim Hof Method Travels

The WHM travels are something special. Even magical. It is hard to describe in words. It feels like a combination of an adventure trip, a meditation retreat and a holliday with friends. Together with people all around the world, you will breath, move, play, icebath, meditate, relax and challenge yourself. It is a beautiful way of connecting with yourself, nature and others:)


At the moment there are two different countries that I teach regularly: Iceland and Poland. The travels to Poland, I teach together with my partner Josephine Worseck (

The travels to Iceland I teach together with Andri and Tanit (

Some stuff that we do: (every travel is different, depending on the location, participants and the moment)
- WHM breathing
- Yoga and other forms of movement

- Different forms of meditation and breathing exercises.
- All kind of cool adventures (cold dips in nature, hikes, etc.)
- Getting comfortable outside of the comfort zone
- Ways of increasing body awareness and body intuition
- Connecting deeper with your body and mind
- Having a good time:)

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