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Icebaths and Winterswimming

To share my love for the cold, I have started two communities for cold water lovers: In Groningen (NL) and Potsdam (Germany). We have regular sessions all through the winter and usually also a couple of sessions (with icecubes) in summer.

Apart from the official sessions, the groups are also a platform to meet with other people to go into the cold water together.


The icebath groups:

- Potsdam: This group is led by Douwe van den Berg and Josephine Worseck. More information can be found on the facebookgroup 'Eisbaden Potsdam'.

- Groningen: Mainly led by Paul Plasman and Rense Rozeboom More information on the facebook group 'Koudetraining Groningen'.

More information:

Why Icebathing?

It makes you feel alive, connected with nature and other people, it is healthy, it is fun and cool. You can learn to relax under pressure and become comfortable in discomfort. Its meditative and adventurous. Doing it with a group adds to the experience, just come and try it out:)

How to prepare:
If you are completely new to this, start taking cold showers as preparation. You can shower completely cold or end your shower with cold water. See if you can relax in the cold. Practice makes it easier and enjoyable. You can find more tips here.

What do you need?
- Bathing clothes
- towel
- flip flops
- warm clothes

Health issues:

In case of health problems, check with your doctor first and let the instructor know. It is not recommended to go in when pregnant or in case of epilepsy or high blood pressure (above 60/100mmHg).

Newspapers about the events:


- Potsdam group:

Interviews in PNN (german):

- Article about the beginning

- Article about the eisbaden


-  Article Dagblad van het Noorden (dutch)

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