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Wim Hof Method Fundamental workshops

In the fundamental workshop you will learn in a playful way the basics of the Wim Hof Method: Breathing techniques, mindset and cold exposure (with icebath). Afterwards you will be able to continue by yourself.


For who are these workshops?

The workshop is suited for both cold lovers as people that tend to get cold quickly; Both atletes and coach potatoes, basically for everybody who is interested in feeling the power of breathing, mindset and cold. The exercises can be done on different levels if needed.

In case of health problems, check with your doctor and let me know in advance. This workshop is not suited for people that are pregnant, have epilepsy or high blood pressure (above 60/100mmHg).

What will you learn?

- Theory and philosophy of the WHM
- The breathing exercises of the whm
- The role of mindset and focus in the WHM
- Learning to relax under pressure
- Ways of increasing body awareness and body intuition
- Connecting deeper with your body and mind
- To take an icebath:)

Difference between different workshops (dayworkshop, weekend,

5 week course)

- Fundamental Dayworkshop (4-6 hours): In this workshop you learn all the basics of the whm.

- 5 week course: In this course you meet once a week for a couple of hours (1,5-3h depending on the day). You will get homework (breathing exercises and cold showers). It is the ideal way to integrate the exercises into daily life.

Fundamental weekend: (2-3 days): A deep dive into the fundamentals. This is a longer version of the day workshop, which makes it easier to connect deeper with the method and yourself. There will be multiple breathing sessions and icebaths and many more nuances to the techniques.


How to prepare for the workshop?

Start with taking cold showers. More tips on cold showers can be found here

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