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Welcome to my website!


I am Douwe van den Berg, founder of 'the cool way'.

I am Wim Hof Method instructor, breathworker,

movement coach and enthousiastic explorer of body&mind.  

For a long time, I have been fascinated by the interaction of 

body&mind. This fascination started an amazing journey of discovery. 

On the way, I learned many valuable lessons, exercises and principles. 

I love to share them with you through my blog, classes and workshops!

I am based in Potsdam, Germany.

I also frequently teach workshops and retreats in different countries in Europe.

A bit about my journey so far

The beginning of a journey is always hard to define. It could start with the mythology and knight stories that I loved as a kid; or the martial arts I did in high school; or a beautiful experience I had in a Christian monastery. All of these experiences sparked my interest in exploring my body&mind. I like to understand the things that interest me and I can go far to learn more.

After highschool, I literally went far to learn more. I traveled to China to learn kung fu. I stayed there 9 months, traveling and training in kungfu schools. It was an inspiring but difficult time. In China, I also discovered my love for cold water (because there was no warm water). Back in the netherlands, I went to university to explore Body&Mind from a more academic side: I studied a combination of philosophy, linguistics, anthropology and religious studies. In 2012, I met Wim Hof for the first time. The teachings of 'the Iceman' Wim Hof deepened my understanding of the power of breath and mind - and my love for the cold. I joined Wim on many adventures and in 2015 I became one of the first instructors of the Wim Hof Method (WHM). Since 2017 I am also teaching at the WHM academy (teaching the teachers). Next to the WHM I have explored many other ways of self discovery. These range from breathwork and movement to the stillness of vipassana meditation; from new age festivals to physiology. 

On my explorations I try to navigate the interesting waters in between science, religion, common sense and amazing experiences. I try to find where they can meet each other, attempting to remain very sceptical and accepting at the same time. 

The essence of my journey is about connection. Connection of Body&Mind, Connection with myself and others, Connection to Nature and Society and the Connection between theory, practice and experience.

The way doesn't stop and I keep on learning, changing and growing.

Looking back now it has already been a beautiful journey. Like any good journey with many highs and lows, failures and succeses. All bringing its own lessons.

My teachings

Whatever I find valuable, I like to share.​ The specific techniques and activities will change, but there are some core concepts that I deeply value in my teaching:

- It is explorative and playful. 

- There is an emphasis on developing better (body) awareness and (body) intuition.

- It involves mental and physical challenges to extend the comfort zone

- Breath is fundamental

- Connection the essence

I teach both both by myself as together with other teachers. Mostly I teach together with Josephine Worseck, my partner in crime, love and business. More about her on her own website:

In this videos, you can get a little taster of my teachings:










Some of my explorations and influences

Breathwork: Apart from the Wim Hof method, I am a breath coach in ‘Methode Beter Ademen’ developed by Marleen van den Hout. I have practiced many other breathing methods.

Movement: I am a trainer in The Kinesica Method and a member of the Ferus Animi // Terra Nova Collective. I have practiced many different movement arts.
Meditation: I am very much influenced by vipassana meditation. It is one of the practical and theoretical bases of my practice. 
Academical: In university I studied a combination of philosophy, linguistics, anthropology and religious studies. 
Martial arts: I have trained in Systema and different Chinese and Thai martial arts. I have trained intensively in both China and Thailand. 

Religion/spiritual: While I am very reluctant to call myself 'spiritual', I have learned from many spiritual traditions and religions on this spiritual journey. I found lots of beauty and beautiful experiences in Christianity (especially Taize in France), Islam, New age spirituality and more.

Official qualifications:

- Wim Hof method instructor level 3: As WHM instructor I teach at the WHM academy (teaching the teachers)

- Wildnis Pedagogue:  a beautiful mix of hardcore survival and cuddling trees. I followed the one year education of lupus wildnisschule and vierwinde wildnisschule

- Breathcoach Methode beter Ademen:

Trainer in The Kinesica Method:

- Bachelor of Liberal arts & science University College Roosevelt

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