The Cool Way by Douwe van den Berg

Groningen, Netherlands


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For a long time, I have been fascinated with exploring body and mind. This fascination let me on an amazing journey with beautiful adventures like training kung fu with monks in China, playing barefoot football in the snow with Wim Hof, trying to make sense of shamans and much more.

My journey started with learning kung fu in highschool, after highschool I traveled to China to train kung fu there. There I also started to get in contact with the magic of cold water (because there were no warm showers in the kung fu school). This love for cold only grew, when I met Wim Hof in 2012. I joined him on travels became Wim Hof method instructor and continued exploring breath, movement and other ways of connecting and challenging body&mind.

About me as a teacher

I love taking people with me on this journey to explore body&mind. 

In general in my teaching I like to create a safe and playful atmosfere. I have an emphasis on developing better (body) awareness and intuition and using breathing to explore body&mind. 

Some explorations of body and mind

On my 'journey to find out' I try to navigate the interesting waters in between science, religion, common sense and amazing experiences and see where they can meet each other, attempting to remain very sceptical and accepting at the same time. 

Breathwork: I am a breath coach in ‘methode beter ademen’, I have explored many different breathing methods including buteyko, quantum light breath and systema breathwork.                      Movement: I am a trainer in the kinesica method. Apart from that I have trained in many different movement methods and styles. 
Meditation: I am a great fan of vipassana meditation.
Academical: In university I studied a combination of philosophy, linguistics, anthropology and religious studies. 
Martial arts: I have trained in systema and different Chinese and Thai martial arts. I have trained martial arts intensively in both China and Thailand. 

Spiritual: I am very much influenced by vipassana meditation, while having journeyed into Christianity, New age spirituality and more.

Official qualifications:

- Wim Hof method instructor level 3: As WHM instructor I teach at the WHM academy, instructing the instructors.

- Breathcoach "methode beter ademen"

- Kinesica trainer (movement method)