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Breath is the key to a better mastery over body and mind. You can use your breathing to relax, focus, get energy and even to gain control over your autonomous immune system. Apart from the wim hof workshops, we give two kind of breathing workshops.


BAM Breathing method

The bridgeman breathing method is a simple method that leads to an optimal, natural way of breathing. This means a calm and deep way of breathing in rest and an effective full way of breathing when exercising.

More information about the BAM can be found on this website:


Breathclinics for sporters: Improve your performance by optimalizing your breathing
Breathing is our most vital body function. It provides the body with oxygen and helps the body to generate energy. Still not a lot of attention is paid to how you can optimalize your breathing during sport performance.

The breathclinics for sporters are an integration of different breathing systems, combined with own experience and experimtents. This includes systema, wim hof mehod, BAM breathing method, buteyko ,feldenkreis exercises and more.

In these breathclincis for sporters, we focus our attention on improving your breathing, before, during and after sport performances.

Some of the things we will focus on:
- Optimal breathing in daily life
- training the breathing system
- Using breath to prevent lactic acid build up
- Using breath to make your training easier
- Breathing in martial arts, cardio training and more
- Recovering from exercises, using your breath

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