There are many ways leading up to the great mountain tops of self-knowledge, mastery of body and mind, health and happiness. Some are restricted, some are free, some go left, some go straight. There are religious ways, spiritual ways and scientific ways.

This is one of them. I don’t claim to bring you all the way to the top, but I can bring you perhaps a little higher. You can walk along for a while and then find your own way again.

It is a cool way. It frequently involves cold temperatures, we often do some really cool stuff like fightplay, climbing moutains in shorts, extending our comfort zones, discovering that you can do more than you think you can. Most importantly, it is a playful way.


It is playful in the sense that it is free of many rules. Like a child discovering how to use speech, learning how to walk and exploring the world, we use this same mentality to explore our bodies and minds. 



The Cool Way by Douwe van den Berg

Groningen, Netherlands

Email: info@thecoolway.nl

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